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Struts Development in India

Struts development is framework developed by Apache Software Foundation to encourage the Model View Controller designs for Java based web application development. It basically provides the basic components such as code, page design, database, to build a Java based web application. The only aim of Struts development is to interact with the database presented to the client and separate the model which is the application logic.

  • Writing templates for presentation layer is facilitated by the controller which is provided by Struts. Struts encourage the MV architecture and the model view controller architecture, by using and extending the Java API. Struts framework was made by Craig R. McClanahan and was given to the Apache software foundation in 2000.

    The MVC pattern has 3 main key components:
    1. Model: Mainly responsible for the business domain.
    2. View: Responsible for presentation view.
    3. Controller: Responsible for controlling the flow & state of user input. Struts web developer just has to write the business logic. Everything else will be handled by this framework easily and within the time frame. The framework is created to manage development cycle, from designing to deploying and maintaining applications over time.

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